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Why are some people better at working from home than others?

Meredith Turits | BBC

For some, working from home is a gift – a remarkable opportunity to focus and be hyper-productive, all the while finding time to walk the dog and even exercise in pyjamas. For others – well, the transition isn’t quite as seamless. Some find all they’ve done with their eight hours is answer two emails, dream about a massage or discover their ‘cheese hour’.

‘It’s bullshit’: Inside the weird, get-rich-quick world of dropshipping

Sirin Kale | WIRED

In Bali, western immigrants are selling products they’ve never handled, from countries they’ve never visited, to consumers they’ve never met.

Remote work worsens inequality by mostly helping high-income earners

Georges A. Tanguay, Ugo Lachapelle | The Conversation

During a period of confinement and physical distancing, telecommuting has enabled some workers to carry out their usual tasks from home.

But remote work can also be a source of socioeconomic inequality for workers in many different ways. These are related to the job sector and employers, as well as to the loss of the benefits associated with remote work.

The Office Is Dead

Courtney Rubin | Marker

From startups and tech giants to more old-school Wall Street firms, businesses are rethinking the role of office space and whether they even need it.

Don’t Go to College This Fall

David Perell

Use your time to start an online business. Live at home, spend as little money as possible, and find a side job if you need to.

How do you start?

Sell yourself, Sell Your Work ...

Colin Wright | Solipsys Limited

Doing technically brilliant work may be enough for your personal gratification, but you should never think it’s enough. If you lock yourself in a room and do the most marvellous work but don’t tell anyone, then no one will know, no one will benefit, and the work will be lost. You may as well not have bothered. For the world to benefit from your work, and therefore for you to benefit fully from your work, you have to make it known.

In short, you have to advertise.

Coworkers On Zoom Trapped In Infinite Loop Of Telling Each Other ‘Oh Sorry, No, Go Ahead’

The Onion

Coworkers at the advertising firm Horizon Group remained trapped in an infinite loop of telling one another “Oh sorry, no, go ahead,” during a morning Zoom teleconference, sources confirmed Monday.

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