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By Daniel (@nodeskco).

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This week I highlight Frontity.

Frontity is a distributed, vibrant tech startup born in Madrid, Spain. Their mission is to help people build performant, scalable websites with WordPress and React easily.

The Frontity Framework is built on the principles of simplicity and collaboration, while using open source technology and embracing a community of people who love the open web.

Frontity recently raised a €1M funding round led by Automattic, the parent company of and WooCommerce, and the venture capital firm K Fund, with participation from significant business angels of the Spanish startup ecosystem.

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Top Picks

Hand-picked articles, stories and ideas from the remote work community and beyond.

What If Working From Home Goes on … Forever?

Clive Thompson | The New York Times

Miserable as it can often be, remote work is surprisingly productive — leading many employers to wonder if they’ll ever go back to the office.

How Remote Teams Win With Retention

Brenna Loury | Ambition & Balance - by Doist

Doist’s Head of Marketing on how building a culture of trust, calm, and flexibility has led to the company’s 98% retention rate.

Do you have the right personality traits for remote work?

Tomoko Yokoi | Quartz

As remote work evolves into a long-term reality, our discussions about it need to move beyond the deployment of digital technologies and the understandably awkward adjustment period to life outside of the office. It’s time to start thinking about remote work as a skill set that can be developed and honed.

Why You’re Constantly Misunderstood on Slack (and How to Fix It)

Angela Lashbrook | OneZero

Because we haven’t been talking on Slack for hundreds of years, there aren’t foundations guiding our behavior and interpretations, making it that much easier for the meaning behind someone’s message to be ambiguous.

Estonia Woos Remote Workers With A Digital Nomad Visa

Suzanne Rowan Kelleher | Forbes

The Baltic country and EU member is the latest in a handful of countries to create a so-called “digital nomad visa” in the hopes of attracting remote workers to live — and, of course, spend money — inside their borders. For applicants, the key criteria is being able to demonstrate steady remote income.

On Travel Writing

Jason Wilson | Guernica

In the absence of travel, what is a travel writer to do?

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