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The ‘Home Office’ Does Not Exist

Laura Vanderkam | Forge

This is a missed opportunity. When you work from home, you don’t have to replicate the office environment. In fact, you shouldn’t. Instead, you should consciously structure your workweek according to the benefits of each location.

Virtual team building: How to build trust in a remote team beyond games and activities

Claire Lew | Know Your Team

You want your team to feel connected remotely… but how do you do it without cheesy games and activities? Here are 8 ways to get virtual team building right.

What Happened When the Office Came Home

Elizabeth Yuko | Bloomberg

Since coronavirus lockdowns forced workers to take their jobs home, the home office has once again become a much-coveted feature of modern living.

Written communication is remote work super power

Snir David

Asynchronous written communication is the tool best suited for remote work. We are so used to talking to each other in the office, expecting immediate responses in work chat, and having meetings all day, that we tried to replicate that at home with zoom and slack.

Writing to each other in slack while expecting immediate answers, or setting up multiple zoom meetings every day will fail with remote work in the long run.

The end of tourism?

Christopher de Bellaigue | The Guardian

The pandemic has devastated global tourism, and many will say ‘good riddance’ to overcrowded cities and rubbish-strewn natural wonders. Is there any way to reinvent an industry that does so much damage?

Bali Tourism Will Target Digital Nomads And Those Who Work Online

The Bali Sun

The Bali provincial government will focus on attracting digital nomads and those who work online to choose the island as their workplace when the island reopens for tourism.

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What I’ve learned from 10 years of freelancing and remote work

It seems pretty obvious that after the initial euphoria that remote work for everyone is actually possible now, there’s going to be some sort of reaction in the other direction.

WFH vision vs reality

Our Beautiful World

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