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By Daniel (@nodeskco).

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This week I highlight the Interaction Design Foundation.

The Interaction Design Foundation is the biggest online design school globally. Their courses cover the entire spectrum of UX design from beginner to advanced.

They offer a 100% remote working environment where you have the freedom to become the best possible version of yourself—in both your professional and private life.

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Top Picks

Hand-picked articles, stories and ideas from the remote work community and beyond.

An Evangelist for Remote Work Sees the Rest of the World Catch On

David Gelles | The New York Times

Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Automattic, which runs the publishing platform, says working remotely is “good for the environment” and “good for the economy.”

How Remote Work Could Destroy Silicon Valley

Steve LeVine | Marker

The tech industry is built on serendipity. If workers flee the Bay Area, what’s left?

Remote work’s digital divide exacerbates racial inequality at work

Erica Pandey | Axios

The coronavirus has laid bare how unequal access to technology divides us. And the longer-term implementation of telecommuting could make these issues, which disproportionately harm Black and Hispanic Americans, much worse.

Pandemic speeds largest test yet of universal basic income

Carrie Arnold | Nature

Economists welcome the chance to see whether giving people cash to spend however they choose improves livelihoods.

Meet the company that sells your lost airplane luggage

Zachary Crockett | The Hustle

If you’ve ever permanently lost a checked bag, your stuff probably ended up for sale at a store in Scottsboro, Alabama.

How to life a happy life

Michael Plant | University of Oxford

‘If you look at what people actually do to be happier, it seems nearly everyone tries to change the external facts: we try to become richer, thinner, more successful, to find a better house in a nicer area, and so on. A few of us think about trying to spend less time working, and more time on hobbies or with friends and family. Almost no one thinks about actively retraining the way they think. In fact, I don’t think this last idea even crosses most of our minds.’

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