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By Daniel (@nodeskco).

This year has been challenging for everyone.

But despite the challenges, it’s been a remarkable year for the remote work community. Companies have been embracing remote work beyond what’s required by the pandemic, and many have decided to go remote-first.

We’re also starting to see countries compete for talent by offering digital nomads and remote workers lower taxes, grants, and long-term visas. Is this the future of urban employment?

Here at NoDesk, it’s been a big year with the site rebuild that took place in September.

Happy holidays and I wish you all good vibes, health, and happiness for the new year!


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From zumping to toxic productivity: workplace slang for the pandemic


Coronavirus has transformed the working world. Time to sharpen up your slang, as well as your CV.

Slack Is the Right Tool for the Wrong Way to Work

Cal Newport | The New Yorker

Slack arrived like a digital analgesic, curing multiple pain points all at once. This palliative effect propelled Slack toward its astronomical valuation just six years later.

The problem with this trajectory is that no one stopped to ask if it made sense to optimize this style of work in the first place.

The War For Digital Nomads Heats Up As Greece Passes New Tax Law

Ollie Williams | Forbes

On Wednesday (2 December) Greece’s parliament passed a new law allowing digital nomads to half their income tax. This makes Greece the latest European country to try and woo the new work-from-home workforce, and puts southern Europe against the North in a new talent race.

New Smart Visa rules in the works for digital nomads in Thailand

Caitlin Ashworth | The Thaiger

Digital nomads in Thailand might soon be able to apply for the Smart Visa, allowing an up to 4 years stay without a work permit.

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