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Hand-picked articles, stories and ideas from the remote work community and beyond.

Winners and Losers of the Work-From-Home Revolution

Derek Thompson | The Atlantic

High-income workers at highly profitable companies will benefit greatly. Downtown landlords won’t.

The Productivity Implications of Working from Home Across 150,000 Employees

Tomasz Tunguz

This is the first report of undoubtedly many on the subject. The tradeoffs between different environments will be debated often in the next few years by executives and people leaders globally. The data isn’t clear; there’s just too much variance to draw broad conclusions on whether the office or home are more productive from this analysis.

Great resignation” wave coming for companies

Erica Pandey | Axios

Workers have had more than a year to reconsider work-life balance or career paths, and as the world opens back up, many of them will give their two weeks' notice and make those changes they’ve been dreaming about.

Dreams of Working From a Beach Risk Turning Into a Tax Nightmare

Charlie Wells, Ivan Levingston | Bloomberg

With more firms offering remote work as a job perk, employees are country hopping. That could mean myriad complications when they’re filing returns.

Remote workers work longer, not more efficiently

The Economist

Early surveys of employees and employers found that remote work did not reduce productivity. But a new study* of more than 10,000 employees at an Asian technology company between April 2019 and August 2020 paints a different picture.

Stripe Saw Major Uptake of Staff Offer to Move With 10% Pay Cut

Jennifer Surane | Bloomberg

Stripe Inc. saw “major uptake” of the unusual offer it made to staff during the pandemic: Leave high-cost cities like New York and San Francisco and take a $20,000 bonus to boot.

The catch? Workers had to consent to a 10% cut to their base compensation.

How to get back in employment market after working on side projects?

logicallee | Hacker News

I’ve spent several years working on side projects and would like to return to remote work. I have a bit of management experience and a bit of coding experience. I think the employment gap is hard to explain for either role. What is the best way for me to start doing remote work?

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