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Let me work from home, or I will find another job

Jose Maria Barrero, Nicholas Bloom, Steven Davis | VOX

Employers in the US are grappling with whether and how to bring employees back to the office or other place of work. Using survey-based evidence, this column finds that four in ten Americans who currently work from home at least one day a week would seek another job if employers require a full return to business premises, and most workers would look favourably on a new job that offers the same pay with the option to work from home two or three days a week. High rates of quits and job openings in recent months appear to partly reflect a re-sorting of workers based on the scope for remote working.

The People Who’d Rather Quit Than Give Up Remote Work

Alison Green | Slate Magazine

But are people really willing to quit their jobs if they can’t keep working in PJ’s? I’ve been curious about how real the trend is, so I asked readers at my work advice column, Ask a Manager … and ended up pretty surprised by the response.

I heard from an enormous number of people who say that they’ll definitely quit if their job requires them to return to the office.

How to Negotiate a Remote Work Arrangement

Susan Peppercorn | Harvard Business Review

How exactly should you ask for a work-from-anywhere arrangement when negotiating a job offer, or when you’ve been working virtually and don’t want to return in-person to the office?

The Remote-Work Czar Is the New Shortcut to the C-Suite

Matthew Boyle | Bloomberg

One of the most sought-after management jobs right now is leading large, far-flung teams through uncharted waters. Human resources veterans need not apply.


Alexey Guzey

I no longer believe that it’s possible to achieve extremely high productivity sustained over long periods of time working on difficult projects alone, so now I spend the majority of my working time co-working with my friends over video in my virtual office.

The surprising toll open-plan offices have on our mental health

Libby Sander | World Economic Forum

We’ve found a significant causal relationship between open-plan office noise and physiological stress.

Our results show such noise heightens negative mood by 25% — and these results come from testing participants in an simulated open-plan office for just eight minutes at a time. In a real office, where workers are exposed to noise continuously during the day, we would expect the effects on stress and mood to be even greater.

We’re all teenagers now

Paul Howe | Aeon

Adolescence isn’t a time of life so much as a frame of mind. Liberating yet damaging, it’s transformed the US and the world.

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