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Remote Work Is All Gen Z Knows. But Are They Satisfied?

Raisa Bruner | TIME

Young professionals like Simonte, Schmidt and Melodi are discovering that flexibility has both perks and drawbacks. But none of them envision a future without the option to remain at least somewhat remote; after all, it’s what they know best.

Cutting pay for remote workers is a risky move

Sarah O'Connor | The Financial Times

The coming battles over location-based pay will expose who has more power, employers or staff.

These People Who Work From Home Have a Secret: They Have Two Jobs

Rachel Feintzeig | The Wall Street Journal

When the pandemic freed employees from having to report to the office, some saw an opportunity to double their salary on the sly. Why be good at one job, they thought, when they could be mediocre at two?

Remote work should be a permanent employee benefit

Michelle Singletary | The Washington Post

Yes, working from home or a hybrid option should be a permanent employee perk, given the resurgence of coronavirus cases.

Capturing the disappearing sounds of the workplace

Graeme Ogston | BBC

The sound of workplace hustle and bustle is something that’s been missing from many of our lives over the past 16 months.

And with the way we work changing all the time, some of these sounds could soon become a distant memory.

The ancient origins of the new nomads

Cassidy George | BBC

Itinerant lifestyles may feel new but the ideas behind globe-trotting ways of living go back millennia. Cassidy George explores wanderings past and present.

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