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Hand-picked articles, stories and ideas from the remote work community and beyond.

Remote work will break the US monopoly on global talent

Devon Zuegel

Remote work is creating a new economic niche, and countries that put in the work to fill it will finally be able to compete with the US to attract talent. This is the once-in-a-generation opportunity for small, stable countries to grow, diversify, and up-skill their economy.

What's your ideal city in a 100% remote world?

alecbcs | Hacker News

If given the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world where would you go? Or if you’ve recently transitioned to a remote work environment where are you thinking of moving?

Brand Considerations Around Remote Work

Michael Polk | Rolling Stone

While we try to gain some solid footing in the current ever-changing space of work, we ask ourselves whether we should work in person or remotely. Employee retention, as well as staff safety as it relates to work, are of the utmost importance. But how will this transition or hybrid model affect your teams and brand?

As companies look to bring remote workers back to the office, a writer asks: Why?

Rachel Martin | NPR

The evidence is mixed, but many employees say they’re able to be more productive working from home than they were in the office. At the same time, there’s value in being able to collaborate in person.

If you haven’t thought about hiring a head of remote yet, should you?

Miriam Partington | Sifted

A small — but growing — number of startups are hiring a head of remote to help them cope with the complications of a distributed workforce. But will the role always be needed?

This European Town Was Built to Resemble Lego Blocks

Jessica Cherner | Architectural Digest

The architects were offered free reign to transform the area into a place where people would actually want to live, so it’s no surprise that the team built what kind of looks like a Lego town. And with buildings that are beautifully painted in a combination of bright, attention-grabbing shades and easy-on-the-eyes pastels, Comfort Town is hard to miss.

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